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Parade with princes and unicorns


Giant inflatable DUCKS can now for the first time be booked as a parade with Showagent.

Let your imagination run wild as these fantastic unicorns move around your next event. Through the city streets or through the shopping mall. Perfect for Halloweens and other imaginative events.

3 x unicorns

Everything is mobile and can move around freely

Normally booked over 3 x 25-30 min.

The dragons can be combined with our other adventure-magic-parade products.

Our other Magic Parade products:

  • Carrier with a knight on his back (floating of course)
  • Princesses in beautiful blue dresses with lights in (floating of course)
  • Flying Angels
  • The Easter Bunny
  • Reindeer
  • Witches
  • Ghosts unicorns

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Questions and answers:

The 3 handsome princes "float around on their magic unicorns. The whole secret is that each prince is equipped with a segway and an inflatable unicorn.
Segways are throttled down so they can't go fast. This is because we perform most often where there are many people. We can run 4 x 30 min on a charge.
Special provisions
Performers must have access to private dressing rooms where they can leave their private belongings safely during performances. The event is best conducted on an even surface. Cannot run on dirt and sand.
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