The Tasmanian Devils

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Now you can book the most lovable Tasmanian troublemaker for a brand new event from Showagent!
We know Taz from the cartoons, as a whirlwind of drool, teeth and mischief as he whirls hungrily around with his friends from Looney Tunes. Now you can finally meet him and try out the powers of the wind for yourself!
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be Taz?
How does it feel to be at the centre of your own whirlwind? Now you can find out by trying out our wind machine box. Step inside and feel the air swirling around you as confetti pieces fly around your ears, making the power of the wind visible! Fun for the whole family!
Taz comes out with wind machine box and a helper for 3 x 30 min. settled over 3 hours.
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The event
More info about the event will follow.
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Special provisions
When booking the wind machine 230V must be used
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