Silent Disco with Rasmus Klump

Rasmus Klump show

Dance with Rasmus Klump

Dance with Rasmus Klump

This is the perfect event for both large and small venues, where children are ready for a party on the dance floor, without the rest of the environment being affected by loud music.

All participants will receive a set of wireless headphones (max. 100 participants per team) and only these participants hear the music and dance instructions! No noise for the surroundings, but lots of fun and games for the participants!

The event is a complete package with great backdrops, headphones and disco lights. Stage and sound system not required as everything is done in the wireless headphones. Rasmus Klump comes out with 2 helpers for this unique Mini Disco Show concept.

Rasmus Klump Silent Mini Disco takes place over 3 hours with breaks between each set. 3 x 25 min.

Rasmus Klump silent mini Disco

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Dance with Rasmus Klump

Rasmus Klump show

Silent Disco. Fun for kids of all ages... and it's quiet.

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Show takes place over 3 hours with 6x 10 min mini disco Example of show: 10:00-10:10 Show Change teams 10:20-10:30 Show 30min break PAUSE 11:00-11:10 Show Change teams 11:20-11:30 Show 30min break PAUSE 12:00-12:10 Show Change teams 12:20-12:30 Show End
We can have between 10 and 100 people at a time. The headphones are adjustable to fit both children and adults
Special provisions
Make sure there is space for children and adults to move freely. 230V is needed for lights and other technical equipment. Dora and staff must have access to private changing facilities.
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