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Rasmus Klump show

Gasp! Where have all the pancakes gone?! 

Hear the story of Rasmus Klump and the great pancake mystery, 

and help solve the mystery. Along the way, children and adults can sing along to the pancake song and dance along when Rasmus Klump and the always well-dressed Pingo take to the stage. 

They are accompanied by a 3rd friend who ties the show together as emcee. 

 Rasmus Klump can be booked for both events and parties, and lasts about 25 minutes.

After the show, Rasmus Klump will be available for a 30-minute Meet'n Greet,

where it is possible to meet Rasmus Klump and have your picture taken.

Rasmus Klump show.

Book Rasmus Klump Meet'n Greet!

Rasmus Klump can also be booked for Meet´n Greet (meet and hug) without a show.
Meet'n Greet is ideal for places with less space,
where the lovable popular character comes to greet the children.
Rasmus Klump will be an integral part of your event/party
and poses for pictures so that the children can have their meeting with him immortalised.
Our trained staff ensures a perfect execution and provides,
that your audience gets the optimal experience.
The set-up includes a total event with great backdrops for the photo session,
music and 2 persons for the performance
Rasmus Klump Meet'n Greet can be booked for both events and parties
and lasts 3 x 30 minutes held within 3 hours.

What is Rasmus Klump?

Rasmus Klump is a Danish cartoon from 1951, created by Carla and Vilhelm Hansen.
The cartoon is about Rasmus the little bear and the adventures he and his friends have. Rasmus Klump originally started as a strip in Berlingske Aftenavis,
and was an instant success with both children and adults.
Since then, the Rasmus Klump comic strip has been published in over 20 countries,
and over 20 million copies of the Blue Series have been sold.
In the first draft that was made for Berlingske aftenavis,
the story was based on a turtle.
The illustration of it was subsequently sold to Tom's Chocolate Factory,
where it became Tom's famous chocolate turtle.
However, it was later allowed to appear in the Rasmus Klump stories as Pildskadden.
The iconic Danish bear has over time found a place
both on the bookshelves of many children's rooms,
but in addition to books, apps, games and cartoons have been made with him.
In the 1995 animated series, later released on DVD,
the characters received votes from, among others.
Simon Caspersen (Rasmus Klump)
Mads Sætter-Lassen (Pingo)
Simon Stenspil (Pelle)
Ole Fick (Beard)
Kirsten Cenius (Mrs Klump)
There is also a more recent animated Rasmus Klump series,
which can be viewed on DR Ramasjang, or in the DR app.
If you want to read more about Rasmus Klump,
Can you go to his official page HERE!
There you can also join his pancake club,
watch short Rasmus Klump movies, find drawings for coloring,
and buy Rasmus Klump teddy bears, Rasmus Klump games,
Rasmus Klump piggy banks and a whole lot more.
In 1998, Carla Hansen founded the Rasmus Klump Prize in collaboration with PIB Copenhagen.
This prize is awarded to an individual, institution, organisation or company,
who, through his work and performance, has lived up to the philosophy of the Rasmus Klump stories,
and set a good example for others.
Crown Prince Frederik, Michael Laudrup and the Danish Hospital Clowns,
has among others received this fine award.
Tivoli in Copenhagen opened a new playground in 2010,
which is based on the stories of Rasmus Klump.
The area is called "Rasmus Klump's World"
and covers a 1300 sqm. activity area,
with fun and games for kids and children of all ages.
Here you can also try a ride in the Rasmus Klump ride "Lighthouse",
or have a pancake in the pancake house.

See photos and video from events here

Pictures from the Rasmus Klump show. 

Rasmus Klump and his friends

Rasmus Klump


The bear, which is the focal point of the series! He's creative, skilled at building, energetic and has a heart of gold. In his world, everyone wants each other well.


The world's best helmsman, and Rasmus' very best friend.The silly penguin, who like to have fun.


The pelican, with its beak bag, acts as the group's walking depot!


The food-loving sailor seal, who likes to tell a sailor anecdote from his much-loved rocking chair.


Rasmus Klump's good-natured mother bear, always ready with reassurance, care and freshly baked pancakes.


"The Little Ones" or "The Gift Knitters" like to act as the group's younger siblings, who can get into a bit of mischief!


A happy little bear cub who loves to make hats and costumes, and lives above the family millinery shop.

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Do you have any questions?

The show lasts 25-30 min. After the show there is a break of about 30 min and then you can meet Rasmus Klump and friends.
Facts: - The show; lasts 25 minutes. - Meet&greet; lasts 30 minutes and is no earlier than 1 hour after show start. There should be 20 min. Break when the costume wearer is completely out of costume. - Cast; there are 2 costume wearers and 1 emcee in the show, 3 people in total. - Speech show; the lines of the costume bearers are recorded and the emcee speaks and sings live. - Stage decoration; 3 roll-ups of 2 metres each are provided (as backdrop)
Special provisions
Special provisions: In Tivoli you can experience Rasmus Klump in 2 different shows! Tivoli's performers appear at "full" time (ex: 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 etc.)* Showagent performs at "half" time (ex: 13:30, 15:30, 17:30 etc.)* *The times are used as examples only and are not the actual playing times. - Stage; must be sturdy and minimum 4x3 meters, as well as covered for outdoor event. - Backstage: dressing rooms must be provided for the performers. Changing rooms must be close to the stage, in dry and clean rooms, with or close to toilet facilities. There must be sufficient space for the performers to enter and leave the room and to remain in the room with all their costumes on at the same time. Tables and chairs shall be provided for the performers. There must be no view from the audience into the dressing room. Performers shall have full access to the premises during the time of performance. - The height; from stage floor to ceiling shall not be less than 2,5 metres. - Staircase; if the stage is over 40cm high, then a staircase with handrail must be provided on the side of the stage. - Electricity; 230V electricity must be available at the stage. - Sound; The organiser provides a sound system with technician, front, monitor, 1 x headset/boom microphone, and minijack on stage. Sound system must be provided for both show and meet&greet. Artist to provide music player. - Guards; Organiser to provide 2 guards for show and meet&greet.

In collaboration with Tivoli

Showagent's production of the Rasmus Klump show is in collaboration with Tivoli

Mrs Klump's Pancake Recipe

Bake pancakes like Rasmus Klump's mom!

These delicious pancakes can be baked for both everyday and festive occasions. 

Did you know that there is actually an official International Pancake Day? 

It always falls on the Tuesday after Shrove Tuesday, 

so here's a good opportunity to go into the kitchen with mom and dad 

and bake a proper batch of pancakes! MUMS!



Here we have written down the lyrics to the Pancake Song, 

as we sing it in the show. Then you can practice it and sing along if you like!


Pancakes are the best thing we know

It makes all children and bear mothers happy

We are looking forward, we will taste all day long 

because the most important thing now is to taste


Rasmus, your mother she has helped us

She's the best pancake maker ever, oh oh

We believe that together we are best

Let's have a pancake party!



Nam, nam, nam, nam!

It's, it's, it's, it's good stuff

Nam, nam, nam, nam!


The pan is ready and it sizzles so nice

My stomach is growling already

We make a stack as tall as a giraffe,

that makes all children and bear mavens happy


Rasmus, your mother she has helped us

She is the very best pancake maker, oh oh!

We believe that together we are best,

Let's have a pancake party!



Nam, nam, nam, nam!

It's, it's, it's, it's good stuff

Nam, nam, nam, nam!


Pancake song - Nam, nam, nam, nam

We sing all day long - Nam, nam, nam, nam

Pancake party - Nam, nam, nam, nam

You are a guest. - Nam, nam, nam, nam, nam

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