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Paw Patrol - Traffic lane

Paw Patrol Traffic Lane is a sure success every time! 

The fun children's event for the little ones is a mini road safety course wrapped in fun and games, where participants ride around on cool tricycles on Paw Patrol's great inflatable track.


Along the way, the children encounter different posts. 

Here you have to answer "yes" or "no" to various traffic questions,

and once the course is completed, participants receive their own children's driving licence.


Very young children who cannot answer the questions are also more than welcome 

to participate with dad or mom. A little extra has been made of each entry, 

so there's something exciting for the little ones to look at too.

Traffic lane with Paw Patrol

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As with any fun and popular ride, 

of course there can be a queue for the popular traffic lane, but here the queue is not boring! 

Entertainment is provided in the queue in the form of several items,

so the wait doesn't feel so long.

Remember to keep a sharp lookout for that dog too, 

who is used to having the big overview and comes out to the Traffic lane:

Paw Patrol's flying rescue puppy: Skye!


Our trained staff ensures a perfect execution and provides, 

that your audience gets the optimal experience. 

The setup includes totalvent with Traffic lane, 

bikes, nice backdrops for photo session, 

music and 3 people for the execution. 


The traffic lane is open for 4 hours and includes 4 x 30 minute Meet'n Greet with Skye.

Paw Patrol traffic lane

See photos and video from events here


Pictures from the Paw Patrol show. 

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Ryder the boy and his pack of puppies help out as rescue workers in the coastal town of Adventure Bay. Each puppy has an attribute that corresponds to the jobs humans do such as firefighter, police, pilot, earth&concrete and many more.
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