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Book the PAW Patrol Show and become PAW Patrol's newest recruit!
Oh no! Mayor Godglad needs your help for the town's big talent show!
Come and learn the dogs' favourite dance "Doggy Boogie" and make your best doggy hat.
Marshall, Chase and Ryder show the kids the dance step by step, 
and warm up with Kyletta's chicken dance, 
so both dancing muscles and laughing muscles are ready for the talent show!
 The PAW Patrol Show can be booked for both events and parties, and lasts approximately 25 minutes.
After the show, PAW Patrol will be on hand for a 30-minute Meet'n Greet,
where it is possible to meet the popular characters and have your picture taken.

Experience PAW Patrol in Denmark

It is possible to rent PAW Patrol for evens throughout Denmark! You can even book PAW Patrol all over the Nordic countries through SHOWAGENT. A super unique children's event as we here in the company have exclusive rights to this fantastic event. Contact us today and get a no obligation quote. 

Meet your heroes PAW Patrol

Don't worry PAW Patrol is on the case! The heroes of PAW Patrol are ready to move out all over Denmark for shows and events. 

Stage show or event with PAW Patrol

Book PAW Patrol Meet'n Greet!

PAW Patrol can also be booked for Meet´n Greet (meet and hug) without show.
Meet'n Greet is ideal for places with less space,
where the popular characters known from TV come and greet the children.
PAW Patrol will be an integral part of your event/party
and pose for pictures so children can have a close encounter with one of the famous characters.
Our trained staff ensures a perfect execution and provides,
that your audience gets the optimal experience.
The set-up includes a total event with great backdrops for the photo session,
music and 2 persons for the performance
(Ryder and Sky can be purchased if you want more characters)
Paw Patrol Meet'n Greet can be booked for both events and parties
and lasts 3 x 30 minutes held within 3 hours.

Meet PAW Patrol 2022

Meet the PAW Patrol at your next event! SHOWAGENT offers official events with Rider, Marshall, Chase and Skye. Book one or all characters for your event. It is a sure crowd success as all kids know PAW Patrol. 

If you want to get really wild, PAW Patrol also has its very own traffic lane. Read more here

PAW Patrol is known from:

See photos and video from events here


Pictures from the Paw Patrol show. 

What is PAW Patrol?

More about PAW Patrol

Paw Patrol is a Canadian animated cartoon series created by Keith Chapman. The series first aired on Nickelodeon in the United States and TVOKids in Canada in August 2013.

Since then, a total of 8 seasons of the hugely popular series have been made, and in 2021 the long-awaited theatrical film

Paw Patrol: The Movie.

"If you need us, just bark for help!"

PAW Patrol Lyrics

Sing along to the title song with the Danish lyrics here!
Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol
We do everything on the move
In case there's trouble,
help is on the way
Ryder and his doggie club,
does it for you
Marshall, Rubble, Chase
Rocky, Zuma, Skye
Jaer! We're on our way!
Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol
They're the ones who have it,
Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol
We do everything on the move,
For Paw Patrol, it's no big deal,
for the dogs save your day
So come on Paw Patrol
Whoa-oh-oh, Paw Patrol
Whoa-oh-oh, Paw Patrol!

Where can you see PAW Patrol?

The TV series can be seen on DR Ramasjang and streamed on DR's App and Viaplay,
with Danish voices by a.o.:
Mathias Hartmann Niclasen (Ryder)
Pelle Falk Krusbæk / Joachim Frederik Jørgensen (Chase)
Iris Mealor Olsen (Marshall)
Thit Aaberg (Skye)
Oscar Dietz (Rubble)
Sigurd Philip Dalgas / Elias Strube (Zuma)
Alfred C. Schwarz Jacobsen / Lucas Lomholt Eriksen (Rocky)
Josephine S. Ellefsen (Everest)
Frederik Philip Rosendal (Tracker)
Pernille Hilgart (Mayor Godglad)
Bjarne Antonisen (Captain Turbot)
See the other Danish participants HERE!

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Do you have any questions?

The only official paw patrol show
Ryder the boy and his pack of puppies help out as rescue workers in the coastal town of Adventure Bay. Each puppy has an attribute that corresponds to the jobs humans do such as firefighter, police, pilot, earth&concrete and many more. Ryder and Paw Patrol must help Mayor Godglad organize a talent show in the town of Adventure Bay. She needs Paw Patrol's help and she needs it FAST!! As Ryder always says: "When you're in trouble just bark for help". They get the paw-tastic idea to perform their doggie boogie and need the audience's help. The whole audience is activated with cheers and dancing, and two volunteer children are invited on stage to dance along. The show is built around speech, song and dance and has no "special effects" in the form of lights or other effects. There is therefore no requirement for smoke alarms to be disconnected or for sensitive people to be warned.
Facts: - The show; lasts 25 minutes. - Meet&greet; lasts 30 minutes and is no earlier than 1 hour after show start. There should be 20 min. Break when the costume wearer is completely out of costume. - Cast; there are 2 costume wearers and 1 emcee in the show, 3 people in total. - Speech show; the lines of the costume bearers are recorded and the emcee speaks and sings live. - Stage decoration; 3 roll-ups of 2 metres each are provided (as backdrop), a stage banner, and a "Talent show today" sign measuring 120 cm. x 100 cm.
Special provisions
Special provisions: - The stage; must be sturdy and minimum 4x3 meters, as well as covered for outdoor events. - Backstage: Dressing rooms must be provided for the performers. Changing rooms must be close to the stage, in dry and clean rooms, with or close to toilet facilities. There must be enough space for the performers to get in and out of the room and to stay in the room with all their costumes on at the same time. Tables and chairs shall be provided for the performers. There must be no view from the audience into the dressing room. Performers shall have full access to the premises during the time of performance. - The height; from stage floor to ceiling shall not be less than 2,5 metres. - Staircase; if the stage is over 40cm high, then a staircase with handrail must be provided on the side of the stage. - Electricity; 230V electricity must be available at the stage. - Sound; The organiser provides a sound system with technician, front, monitor, 1 x headset/boom microphone, and minijack on stage. Sound system must be provided for both show and meet&greet. Artist to provide music player. - Guards; Organiser to provide 2 guards for show and meet&greet.

Meet PAW Patrol Characters


The police dog that keeps an eye on traffic!


The fire dog that saves and helps others, both by putting out fires and providing first aid!


The flying dog that watches from the air and helps prevent accidents!


The recycling dog that repairs broken things with recycled materials!


The construction dog who helps renovate by using his tools!


The jungle dog, who is an extra good listener and can find missing people in the wild!


The water dog, which helps when there are accidents in and around the water.


The snow dog who helps out when it's snowing and slippery!



Paw Patrol's leader, who keeps track of the dogs and sends them out on missions when help is needed.



The mayor of Tågerup, and one of Paw Patrol's rivals.


Captain Pighvar's cousin, who works as a zoologist, artist and nature photographer


Works at the city dog/cat salon, and has Kali the cat!


The best snowboarder in town, who is always in a good mood!


(CAP'N TURBOT) One of Paw Patrol's best friends, marine biologist and owner of the Seal Island Lighthouse!



Adventures Bay's mayor, who lives at City Hall with his pet chicken Kyletta!


One of Adventure Bay's farmers, who really likes animals and growing fruit and vegetables!


The curious and slightly impatient boy who has created his own animal patrol "Mini-Patrol" with several different animals!


Alex's grandfather and owner of Lemonade and Fruit Stand!

In collaboration with Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon show agent partner

Showagent's production of the Paw Patrol show is in collaboration with Nickelodeon

Paw Patrol Merchandise

After 8 seasons, the Paw Patrol characters are still very popular among many children, and there is now a huge selection of Paw Patrol clothes, Paw Patrol toys, Paw Patrol characters, teddy bears, nightwear, shoes, watches... well, everything the heart could desire for a Paw Patrol fan!

Have a themed party with the popular super dogs,

there is also plenty of opportunity to buy decorations for the party.

A wide selection is available at e.g. MERCHSHARK and JOLLYROOM.

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