Halloween - On Wheels

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The parade that "floats" to music 

Magical Halloween Parade


The illusion is amazing and magical in itself!
The three witches come floating across the floor and magically spread both horror and fun at the same time. Each witch is also equipped with a wireless speaker, so the mood is also set musically with accompanying spooky music.
This event is of course the obvious choice for Halloween or St. Hans but also for various other themed events!
Magic Mini Parade The event lasts 3 x 30 min over 3 hours,
and requires nothing but an even floor to perform on!
Halloween entertainment

The 3 witches fly round

The illusion is amazing, almost magical. It looks like the witches are flying, but really they're just wheels we've put under them. The wheels are not visible to the audience so it looks like they are floating across the floor.

Music for the parade

All 3 witches are equipped with speakers that play wirelessly together so spooky / cozy music helps the mood. The music of course makes the witches dance and float across the floor.

Can be used for Halloween, Saint Hans or adventurous days. As long as the surface is even, the witches can dance and float to the music.

The parade lasts 3 x 30 min and takes place over 3 hours.

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Entertainment that moves

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At Showagent you will find children's entertainment of every kind!

We handle both scientific experiments and recognisable characters from TV.

Children want to be entertained all the time, they want something to happen and they want it to be fun and exciting. We certainly know that most children can't entertain themselves for long periods at a time.

That's why it can be a bit of a project to provide the children's entertainment yourself, if you're holding a city party, summer party or perhaps a company family day.

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Cozy Halloween
Merry Christmas
Summer and sunshine
Birthday / Anniversary / Black friday

Click on an image above to read more about our events and shows adapted to the season. 


SpongeBob and his crazy friend Patrick Søstjerne (voice Søren Ulrichs. See menu item "employee") has been on display for over 20 years. If you want an event with SpongeBob and Patrick Søstjerne you can now book a soap bubble workshop with Sponge Bob. We also offer free download of SpongeBob squarepants drawing


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Planning a city party or a big event for kids?

And you don't want to spend your time organising the entertainment or planning various activities like treasure hunts, football matches or something else?

Then the solution may be to hire some outside children's entertainment.

That way, you can relax and concentrate on the other preparations, while your child and their friends have a great time.

In short, children's party entertainment is a shortcut to party success. If there has been good entertainment, you can be sure that few children will want to go home when the party ends.

Besides, children's entertainment doesn't have to include clowns, face painting and balloon animals. It can also be educational for children in other ways.

In short, a magnet for high-quality children's entertainment.


Whether you're looking for entertainment to help kids learn more about science and chemistry.
Or whether it should be fun and games with a visit from a ventriloquist or perhaps a familiar face from television. Then you're sure to find it here with us. On this page you can see all the shows we offer, and if you click on one of them you can read a lot more about what happens during each show and how long it lasts.

Showagent offers a very special and educational form of children's entertainment, known from the children's channels Ramasjang and YouTube, among others.


Does it sound like we can offer just what you're looking for at your children's birthday party or company summer party?
So get in touch with us right away.
We offer entertainment for children all over Denmark. So it doesn't matter where you hold your summer or company party, as the entertainment comes to you.
Call us on 70 20 07 06 if you want to book children's entertainment or if you just want to know more.

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