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Carolina Lybeck-Nørgaard
CEO / Owner
Peter Farver Nørgaard
CEO / Owner
Lisa Sørensen
Head of sales
Kamilla Bojsen Madsen
Frida Reynberg
Head of talent

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Say hello to our staff. All Showagent staff also appear elsewhere. Here are just some of them as we have about 100 freelance performers. Many of them have websites and SoMe pages where they would love a "like" or "follow" from you.

Søren Ulrichs Actor and master dubber

Søren has been doing theatre since 1987 and has played a lot of shows (e.g. Skatteøen 700 times) Since 1991 Søren has voiced animated films for Disney, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network and many, many others in roles such as King Julien, Patrick Søstjerne and Pelle Gris. At Showagent, Søren has been both Detective Jensen who catches the Olsen gang, Baker Mehlsen and Santa Claus in Rosengårdscenteret, in addition to being an entertainer with Peter Nørgaard.

Mads Kjærbo Kristensen Performer / Host

He's awesome! Ruler of the Universe (he says)

Sinnet Aaboe Performer

She's really good at the Baby Shark dance... like really good!

Our super-sexy performers

Matilde Holmstrup Andersen Musical performer

Matilde Holmstrup Andersen, 23 years old, graduated from Performing Arts School Göteborg in 2020. Has been singing, dancing and acting since she was 12, and has loved it ever since. Besides being at Showagent, she works as a dance instructor at CPH dans and at the Academy of Actors.

Natascha Salin Sperrild Performer

She's going for it on stage!

Rasmus Krabsen Albeck Musical performer/ master dubber

Rasmus has worked at Showagent for almost 10 years and has done over 200 shows. He graduated from the Danish School of Performing Arts in 2012 and has been performing in musicals, plays and films since he was 6 years old. Rasmus is also a trained primary school teacher and works mainly as a Santa Claus in Showagent, when he is not helping with e.g. writing lyrics. Rasmus also works as a stage director and makes musicals for large ensembles around Zealand.

Nikolai Havrehed Dancer / Performer

He can dance better than his boss!

Emil Lietzin Houlind Actor / Performer

Great actor and jump guy! Approved by MARVEL!

Martina Juel Valentin Engraf Performer

Martina has done several shows with us, both as a performer and a costume bearer, training new staff. She has taken on new roles in a matter of days using her quick learning skills. In addition to her work with us in Showagent, she has also performed as a dancer and extra in two operas at the Royal Theatre, and as a performer and costume bearer in Tivoli.

Showagent is proud of its employees

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Working for Showagent is like becoming part of the family

Daniel Odvig Performer and children's entertainer

Daniel is super good with kids and loves his job.... Did we mention he can do magic?

Helle Heldig Performer

Briefly about our performer. Some have specialties like dance and singing.

Helle Heldig Performer

Briefly about our performer. Some have specialties like dance and singing.

Helle Heldig Performer

Briefly about our performer. Some have specialties like dance and singing.

SHOWAGENT team have all undergone training

To work with events and perform on stage, it is important to be well prepared. That's why we hold many rehearsals.

Be part of the team

We hold regular auditions for Showagents shows. It is important that our professionalism is high when we take the stage. You will be called to audition based on your resume and application. Expect home study and rehearsals in Showagent Studios. 

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