Unique event for the Christmas tree party


  1. Time flies, and before we know it, Christmas is upon us once again!
    Showagent has over 20 years of experience with Christmas parties,
    delighted many with their various Christmas shows over the years.
    Want to ensure that the entertainment is provided by skilled and experienced performers,
    look no further.
    In 2023 and 2024, Showagent offers the following Christmas tree parties:
    1. Christmas tree party with Peter ventriloquist and Father Christmas. 30-40 minute stage show followed by 30 minutes of dancing around the Christmas tree. Afterwards, help with the distribution of Christmas presents and singing Christmas carols as background music.
    2. Optional cartoon show (fire show) followed by 30 minutes of dancing around the Christmas tree with Santa Claus and Mrs Claus Line (Carolina Lybeck-Nørgaard). Afterwards, you can help with the distribution of Christmas presents and sing Christmas carols as mood music.
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Questions and answers:

The CHRISTMAS TREE PARTY itself is a traditional Christmas tree party with all the well-known children's songs from the Christmas season. We have made sure that we do not sing songs that have anything to do with religion as the peace of Christmas is for everyone. THE SCENE SHOW is free choice on all shelves between SHOWAGENT shows.
Full production with music and sound production can be booked through SHOWAGENT.
Special provisions
THE CHRISTMAS PARTY brings sound production for 200 people. If needed for larger event this can be arranged. SCENE SHOW. All SHOWAGENT productions have their own special rules. Read more on each of their pages.
When performing with mascot characters, the performing time is 30 at a time. After this there must be a 30 minute break before they are ready again.

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Many of Showagent's productions are collaborations between major entertainment giants. 

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