Fun for the family

Fun and vibrant children's show (also for the adult children)

Peter is the children's friend and reflects the children's energy. He delivers a fun and vibrant performance - and he can do magic ...  It's dos not always go quite as well as Peter himself had anticipated. But fortunately, there are always some children in the audience who will help him with the magic trick. Dennis the Dragon is also there ... but he does not help ... (opposite is probably closer) Children love Dennis as he is pure anarchy on stage.

Of course we must not forget Peter's dog Charlie. A sweet and mischievous dog that say the funniest things​

Known from Denmark Got Talent on TV2

The show ...

Duration about 30 min. Both children and adults are actively involved in the show.

Ventriloquism and magic show is recommended for associations, institutions, promotions, team building, company parties / large gatherings (where children are invited) and children's birthdays.

Here's a magician and ventriloquist in one show

"Peter Nørgaard is one of the few artists who can keep the kids caught while he delivers satire that keeps the adults' laughter muscles started," Quote curator at the Circus Museum Denmark, Mikkel Knudsen



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2720 Vanløse

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