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Company Entertainment can help boost company party. Whether it's entertainment for both adults and children or only adults can entertainment raise your spirits and keep people employed for a while. Especially if it is entertainment of good quality, where the artists can really something not often seen before, the entertainment does wonders for the party and the mood. Generally, the entertainment just a good idea if you want a festive touch, but do not have time or energy to stack anything on the legs. With corporate entertainment is one step closer to a company party is a great success.

Showagent offer corporate entertainment

Showagents is a company that offers many different forms of entertainment. We offer thus also corporate entertainment, as we have many years of experience in. Whether entertainment to target an adult group or a group of mixed adults and children, we have a show to pull out of the sleeve. We offer a variety of different shows and can also customize them so that they fit your party and your particular audience. For us it is important that we get involved the whole audience, and therefore we have several shows that target families. For families, for instance, a pirate show and a magic show while we also offer a balloon artist, there is a place, but walk around between people. This makes the whole audience involved in the show. Consists audience exclusively of adult, we offer our show "One Night In Las Vegas", which offers many different forms of entertainment all rolled into one with, among other things: singing, tryl, humor and ventriloquist. We work in Denmark and thus come to you no matter where the office party is being held. It gives you optimal freedom to choose the location, while you need not worry about having to schedule entertainment.


If you want to take advantage of one or more of our offer of corporate entertainment, you may want to read more about each of them on our website. Here you can also read more about many of the other forms of entertainment we offer and see who the people behind the show is late. Our contact information can also be found on the website so you can easily get in touch with us if you want to hire us or have any questions about our shows. We look forward to hearing from you.

One Night In Las Vegas - with ventriloquist Peter Norgaard

A cocktail with the best of entertainment'. Singing, magic and ventriloquism

Magic show, a live ventriloquist doll (with help from one "volunteer audience") and sang classics like "Viva Las Vegas" and "What A Wonderful World" sung by eg Louis Armstrong and Elvis. Multi Artist at high level.

The show is filled to the brim with humor and laughing.

Known from TV2 Denmark's Got Talent

Ventriloquist Peter Nørgaard​

V.I.Piger Song and Dance

ABBA Party band

Science and tricks

Cartoon shows



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